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Zhoushan Polychromatic Daisies REGULAR
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Product Code:xh421
Product Name:bright spring days
Product Description:Polychromatic Daisies
Delivery Methods:Delivery goods to you requested place(Only Mainland China)
Regular Price:  USD$:36
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Guarantee: We guarantee flowers in fresh and service in good quality . If not or we are not able to deliver to the recipient's place we will return 100% money back.
For season and area reason if we have to change the main flower we will inquire the customer . If we do not get response in time we will replace with flowers at same meaning and price.
Remind: The price has included the delivery fee in city. If the recipient isn't in city, more US$10 will be needed as delivery fee.
We support same day delivery in most place if you order it before 4:00PM.In non-holiday you can order the delivery time. We can deliver to the recipient as quickly as in three - six hours.
Service Time: We offer 365 days delivery service.
Delivery time: 8:00am to 7:00pm every day. Please order it before 4:00PM if you want to deliver it between 8:00am to 11:00am next day .
In Holiday and festival: we only can guarantee delivery in the day , but can't guarantee in the delivery time you ordered.
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